Zero Waste Reusable Swabs
Zero Waste Reusable Swabs
Zero Waste Reusable Swabs
Zero Waste Reusable Swabs
Zero Waste Reusable Swabs

Zero Waste Reusable Swabs

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We plant a tree for every order this November

2 billion cotton swabs are being thrown away each day. It's estimated that there are more swabs and straws in the ocean than fish.

There needs to be a solution to this.

Introducing our zero-waste cotton swab. A swab made all-natural silica sand.

Our Zero-waste Reusable Swab is made entirely of super-soft silicone which is derived from all-natural silica sand. The soft silicone tips provide that feeling we all know and love by cleaning our ears of all that nasty wax.

Just like an ordinary cotton swab, except without the waste!

Did you know that traditional cotton swabs aren't good for your ears?

It's true! Cotton strands get attached to your wax deep inside the ear, irritating the ear canal and causing inflammation

What you get with your zero-waste order?

With our Reusable Swabs, we give you 2 different versions.
1 version for cleaning your ears and the other to provide touch-ups on your makeup or art projects.

Each swab set is shipped in a carrying case that can be taken with you anywhere. Just imagine being able to clean your ears anywhere!

How to clean:

Super easy. Just run under warm water until clean. 

WARNING: Do not insert swab into ear canal. Entering the ear canal could cause injury. If used to clean ears, stroke swab gently around the outer surface of the ear only. Keep out of reach of children. 

Buy a Reusable Swab and we'll plant a tree!

For every item you buy, we will plant a tree in endangered rainforests. Take action today and save our Earth!