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Zero-Waste EcoLids (6 piece set)
Zero-Waste EcoLids (6 piece set)
Zero-Waste EcoLids (6 piece set)
Zero-Waste EcoLids (6 piece set)

Zero-Waste EcoLids (6 piece set)

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Love cooking but hate using cling wrap? Our EcoLids are the perfect replacement.

 Save our Earth! 🌎

With 1 set of our EcoLids, you can save up to 24 rolls of cling wrap a year! Not only do you save money on cling wrap, you help save our environment.

 Stretchable & Airtight

With 6 sizes of highly-stretchable silicone lids, you can seal anything from an avocado to a watermelon. EcoLids can stretch over 2x its original size, sealing any and all containers, no matter how odd the shape. Its 100% airtight seal means you can store you favourite juices, soups and broths securely.

BPA Free Food Grade Silicone

Made from high quality food grade silicone, EcoLids are non-toxic, BPA and BPS free.

 Microwave, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe

Need to microwave a broth for dinner, freeze some popsicles for the kids and clean all the lids in a pinch? EcoLids has got you covered.

Easy to Clean, Easy to Store

Wash it in a dishwasher or by hand, EcoLids smooth silicone surface makes cleaning up a breeze. You can also stack EcoLid dishes on top of each other in the fridge to save space!

Durable and Reusable

Stretch it, Freeze it, Heat it. Our EcoLids are made to last. 

Package Contents

  • 6 Reusable Container Lids
  • Comes in Blue or White


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